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Technical specifications


The friday World-Fusion Lab’ Before Party and the saturday night Show with the selected artists will take place on the théâtre of Ménilmontant (15 rue du Retrait – Paris 20e).

Please be at the theatre (off reception) for your rehearsal according to the timetable which you will receive before the festival (in january). Rehearsals will start in the afternoon and will finish by 6pm. Each artist/company will be allocated a 15 minute slot. The running order will have also been sent to you beforehand and will be available at the theatre. By 6.00pm, all performers will have to be at the theatre for a briefing.

Keep in mind that during your friday/saturday afternoon (depends on the show you’ll attend) you may not be able to attend a workshop. We suggest you to book workshops only during the friday or the rest of the week-end.


Music & Lights

Please send before the 1st of December, details about your performance :

  • your music via Internet (e-mail, FTP, DropBox, WeTransfer, etc.) with the references. Be aware that you won’t be allowed to change your music at the last minute as our team will be compiling the music for the show in December.
  • your wishes in terms of lighting will be taken into account in measuring the technical facilities provided.
  • your placement on stage : start on/off stage, end on/off stage and anything to special. Please note that performances incorporating fire are not allowed.

plan-scene bellyfusions

The Lab’ of the théâtre of Ménilmontant

La soirée Before World Fusion Lab’ qui se déroule au Labo mixe dans une atmosphère cabaret, une soirée bar à un spectacle de danse, tout en invitant sur le public sur le dancefloor…

Stage :

Proscenium opening: 6,5 m
Ceiling height: 2,35 m
Depth of the stage: 4,30 m
Backdrop: black velvet
Curtain: red velvet (will stay open)


They are very small (10 m2) and located near the stage on the right. The dressing-room allows to enter on stage from upstage left
They have a wardrobe with hangers and mirrors.

labo bellyfusions


The théâtre of Ménilmontant

The saturday night show with the selected artists will take place in the « XXL » with 300 seats.


Proscenium opening: 8,50m
Ceiling height: 4,50m
Depth of the stage: 11m
Backdrop: black velvet
Floor: Dance floor – Slope of 6% ​​on its front half.


They are spacious enough (65 m2) but shared with all the artists, and are located under the stage. The dressing-room allows to enter on stage from upstage left. They have a wardrobe with hangers and mirrors.

theatre bellyfusions