Discover more about the artists who had participated in the fifth BellyFusions festival: Horus (Portugal), Carolina Grandela (Spain), Cie Orindja (France), Aepril Schaile (United States), Mirjam Sutter (Switzerland), Isabel De Lorenzo & Ilhaam (Italy & Spain), Elisheva (United States), Maria Robin & Emmeline Lovisi Singh (France), Anasma & Pete List (United States), Cie Alchemy Dance Theater (United States), Cie Smoky Eyes (France), Cie De Nova Luce (Italy), Crystal Silmi (Spain), Pazit Grossman (France), Matthias Lauwers (Belgium).

The show New Talents will welcome the following artists: Afsana (Czech Republic), Alice Giampieri (Italy), Cie Hurriya (Czech Republic), Meissoun (Switzerland), Cie Imogen (Netherdlands), Cie Makhalia (France), Harley Tenzin (United Kingdom), Cie Deviant Sisters (France), Cie Devadasi Caravan (Germany & France), Eliana (Germany), Maria Pais (Argentina), Hélène Pergès (France), Darkstar (United Kingdom) and Guest Fantasia Festival.

Each year, organizers launched a call to application in France and abroad to determine the programme the programm of the BellyFusions festival. Selected artists and companies are invited to present their creations during one spot of max. 6 minutes (solo) and 8 minutes (company).

Non confirmed dancers and emergent companies can also apply and perform during another unique show, as long as their dance linked Middle Eastern Dance with other styles of dance or artistic expression.