Myriad of hybrid styles are now emerging from the encounter of Egyptian Oriental Dance with other forms of art and dance. These styles are becoming deeply interwoven with one another, allowing a mutual artistic enrichment and an opening onto the contemporary world. The Bellyfusions Festival aims to make a wider audience discover these mutations and enable them to understand and appreciate them.

Being the first French Festival entirely dedicated to these fusions in oriental dances, the BellyFusions Festival is above all an original event in France, where artists are able to show their latest creations or even experimentations during two different evening show.

The BellyFusions Festival offers an eclectic programme of workshops over three days led by French as well as international teachers.

The Festival is open to a variety of styles such as Contemporary Oriental Dance, Oriental Flamenco, Gypsy Fusion, Oriental Salsa, Bellywood, ModernJazz Oriental Fusion, Indian Fusion, Bellypopping, American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Gothic Fusion, Burlesque Cabaret etc.

A non-exhaustive list open to all forms of fusions with traditional oriental dances.

This project is managed by a permanent team supported by voluntary people who are dance lovers. If you wish to get involved in this artistic experience, please read our conditions to join through the volunteers page or send us an e-mail.

For this new edition, the BellyFusions Team is:

  •  Raphaëlle Masson Association Tanit
  •  Sophie Rouri Association Etoile des Sables
  •  Angelika Cianciolo Association Bientôt Minuit
  •  Julie de Saint Blanquat Association Etoile des Sables
     BellyFusions festival founder

Volunteers will support the Festival via promotion as well as organisation.

Thanks to the volunteers since the beggining...

Valérie, Sophie, Isabelle, Julie F., Sandrine, Angelika, Khédidja, Julie P., Yvette, Cyndie, Elianka, Nassira, Farida, Heidi, Maureen, Bianca, Raphaelle, Valérie R., Amélie, Margot, Geneviève, Marianne, Ingrid, Lucile, Hélène, Aurielle, Nadia, Valérie L., Patricia, Annie, Agnès, Nikki, Sabrina, Karine, Aurore, Maude, Mathilde, Agathe, Gwenael, Sylvaine, Jordane, Véronique, Arnaud, Séverine, Nicolas, Franpi, Eric, Céline, Anne, Dylan, Y-Lan, Cédric...