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Aepril Schaile, MFA, is an internationally recognized Bellydance artist living in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. She is also an acclaimed musician and composer, writer and mythologist, a practicing Astrologer, animal rights advocate and Witch. Her dance company Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre enjoyed a sold-out debut run of “The Book of Lilith: Goddess, Demon, First Woman,” their original, full-length ritual-theatre Bellydance production. She has also released an instructional bellydance DVD, “Theatre of the Dark Goddess”.
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Based in New York, Alchemy Dance Theater is a company of artists with diverse movement backgrounds, that draws from traditional and contemporary sources around the world to evolve a new alchemy from these varied forms. Artistic Director Sarah Johansson Locke began her study of Tribal bellydance in 1994 and has been at the forefront of establishing and cultivating the New York Tribal / Fusion scene since 2001. She directs two companies, Alchemy Dance Theater and the Alchemy Tribal Collective and teaches dance and yoga.
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Pete List and Anasma have been collaborating since 2006 on multiple projects as two solo artists coming together, Pete as a musician and Anasma as a dancer or as part of groups and bands: Bellyqueen, Beatbox Guitar, Djinn. They have performed multiple times together in the NY / New Jersey area : Rakkasah Festival, Spring Caravan, Tribal Fest, the Tea Lounge, Djam Under Jebon, Joe’s Pub… and other American cities : Buffalo NY, Fort Lauderdale FL, Oakland CA. In 2008, Pete invited Anasma to sing on his album « Songs for Kassar ». In 2008-2009, Pete composed and arranged music for Anasma that were featured on performance and instructional DVDs : « Charming Demise » featured on « Fantasy Bellydance », « Water » featured on « Wave Explosion», «Placebo » featured on « Introduction to Liquid Fusion ».
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Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Producer. Her dancing of double nature is wild and divine. Such duality characterizes her style by a strong connection with the rhythm, folklore and Afro-carribean world, plus elegance, sensuality and sweetness…Specialized in traditional dancing, folklore and rhythms (Arabian, Afro, Brazilian and Latin)She is researching new languages, fusions and her own creations.
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Crystal Silmi is a bellydance fusion performer, instructor and choreographer from San Francisco, and is now living in Madrid. She has become known for her unique style of hip hop infused movements and has performed for audiences around the world. Skilled in both the art of classical Middle Eastern dance and modern fusion, Crystal puts her Arab American roots to the stage with a deep sense of rhythm and powerful athleticism. Crystal danced several years with The Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat, both directed by Suhaila Salimpour and established and directed her own troupe RaksArabi, based out of California. Now in Europe, she is looking to expand her art and share her knowledge and passion for dance with the larger European dance community.
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Francesca Pedretti is an Italian choreographer and soloist. She was the leader of Les Soeurs Tribales Company for several years. Originality and innovation are Francesca’s marks. She created various combinations for her company which turned out to be the first Italian tribal style company. Her work and contribution to the Tribal Belly Dance style has been spotted and recognized across Europe but also in the US. Francesca was invited by Paulette Rees-Denis (Gypsy Caravan) to teach and perform at the Tribal Quest North West, in Portland. Francesca has taken workshops and classes with and by many talented artists such as Ada Went, Jamila Zaki and Aziza Abdul Ridha, but also Carolina Nericcio (FCBD), Rachel Brice, Geneva Bybee, Darshan, Urban Tribal for tribal fusion style. In October 2009, Francesca created a new vocabulary of movements through “ De Nova Luce – emotional tribal belly dance “ which offers a mix of oriental modern dance, recent tribal fusion and spectacular improvisations. Their work focuses on emotions, imagination and interpretation. Choreographic sequences alternate with improvisations… and Emotions turn into forms and gestures. Within a year she prepared and directed the show CORPOACORPO, along with Nova De Luce presents her work in international festivals in Italy (Milan, Rome, Genoa, Venice, Ancona, Viareggio) and abroad, Spain and France.
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Elisheva is an internationally acclaimed Fusion dancer from NYC, sought after for her signature aesthetic of Belly Dance fused with trained classical dance, lyrical dance, street & theatre jazz forms, and Hip Hop’s popping & locking. She earned her BFA in Modern Dance from The Ohio State University through years of dance history, technique, music, foundation theories, and show production training. She is also IFTA certified and Level 1 Certified in the Suhalia Salimpour format. Sharing her knowledge of dance in highly aesthetic classes, Elisheva has become known for her informative training and action packed classes, and loves to share her years of collected dance disciplines. She has been fortunate to teach and perform her art around the globe in Europe, Asia, Canada, nationally, and on and off-Broadway with Belly Dance, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. Her talents have been featured on television series (FOX), national commercials, news broadcasts, National Geographic's Performance Theatre, award-winning Independent Films, as well as cabaret/dinner clubs all over the N.Y.C. and Long Island scene since 1995. She currently performs as a member and Dance Captain of NYC's world renown Belly Dance company "Bellyqueen”.
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Horus was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but in his early years he came to Portugal. At 18, Horus became a karate instructor. But it was only in his 20 years old that he met his mentor and friend Petra Pinto, starting his career as a bellydancer and founded Cia Mozarabe. Bellydance appeared as a therapy, he fall deeply in love with this art and worked very hard with the help of Petra, but also as an autodidact. He was formed and influenced by Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Lulu Sabongi, Tito Seif, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emmanuel, Illan, Carolena Nericcio and many others. Horus also started to study Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance, Pilates and Yoga. All these dance forms and other life influences gave him his particular way of performing always wearing a handmade mask in his shows. His classes are strong and fun, don’t miss it!
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Isabel De Lorenzo is a brazilian dancer and choreographer based in Rome. She is also co-founder of San Lo' studio in Rome, director of the ATS® company Carovana Tribale, organiser of Roma Tribal Meeting, publisher of Bellydance Italia Magazine and FCBD® Sister Studio. Her main work is spreading concepts of dance throughout the world with an emphasis on tribal style, networking contacts and building dance community.
Ilhaam is the only FCBD® Sister Studio in Spain. With more than ten years of experience, learning, teaching and performing, she has practiced ATS® and other styles like Tribal Fusion, Raks Sharki, Dervish spin, folklore and props like stick, veil, zills or sword, and West African Dance among others.
Isabel and Ilhaam began a dance partnership in 2011 at Roma Tribal Meeting, teaching two workshops together and performing a successful live music improvisation with Pete List and Carovana Tribale. Their collaboration grows up and... at BellyFusions® 2013 they will be teaching and performing an extract of Isabel's theatre show "Frida Suite", based on Mexican painter Frida Kahlo's life and work.
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Within the Pyaré Company, Maria Robin and Emmeline Lovisi Singh explore what links oriental, indian and gypsy dances.
This results in a subtle and personal fusion, leaving room for improvisations drawing on the aesthetical vocabularies of kalbeliya dancing from Rajasthan, the poetic and spiritual intensity of sufi dances and the solar energies of gypsy dances.
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Matthias Lauwers began dancing at the age of 8 with classical ballet and since then has trained in various other dance styes. He was taught ATS by Gonda of Tribal Mystica (NL) and due to lack of teachers traveling Europe at that time, taught himself most of the bellydance techniques used in the tribal fusion scene. He complemented his technique by studying or collaborating with artists such as Kami Liddle, Mira Betz, Zoe Jakes, Heather Stants, Samantha Hasthorpe, Tjarda Van Straten, Anasma, Sharon Kihara, Susan Frankovich, Suhaila Salimpour, and contemporary/classically trained artists like Isabelle Beernaert, Laurent Flament, Marie Louise Wilderijckx. In 2012 he went to San Francisco USA for 4 months to study in depth with many of the artists mentioned above, in particular Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour, Fat Chance Bellydance and Jill Parker. He also taught at Split Tribal Fest 2012.
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Mirjam was initially trained as a dancer of modern and contemporary dance before approaching to Oriental dance. Over time the two dance styles she has begun to merge and develop a unique language of contemporary dance. Today she works as a freelance artist in various contemporary dance productions and develops her own creations as a soloist or with her dance company (Cie Acces à la Danse).
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Pazit Grossman has first learned bellydance in Paris and then improved her technique during master-classes in Morocco, Israel and Egypt. She explores contemporary dance too that allows her to melt these two styles. Her dance is indeed deeply rooted in the most pure oriental tradition and at the same time far from the clichés linked to this style. She gives great importance to the use of space while dancing, music understanding and its interpretation. Besides she is inspired by world music, electronic, classical and many more.
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Karine Salfati comes from a Jazz background. When she discovered bellydance, it appears to be an evidence for her, linked to her North-african roots. From then on she has started to mix styles and collaborates with other artists like an Odissi dancer, Mahina and a Jazz dancer, Célia, in the OR(mental) Ind(ian) Ja(zz) compagny. This year the company continue to develop its own style by adding magic to their work and collaborating with a magician, Ernest, whose hands agility and sense of movement inspire a link to bellydance movements.
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Blandine, choreographer, interpreter and teacher created THE SMOKY EYES compagny in July 2009.
Composed of four dancers with very different dance backgrounds (ballet, jazz, indian dance, hip hop, gymnastics, circus), THE SMOKY EYES company decided to move on from stage to street to provide accessible dance and art to everybody, refusing exclusion.
Blandine choreographed several shows including CIRCUS, the first SMOKY EYES creation inspired by "Freaks" by Tod Browning, "Green Piece" an ecologic choreography and a "Baba Yaga", a creation for children. The SMOKY EYES have performed in several international shows (France, Canada, Germany, etc.) and received the first prize both in duet and group category Tribal Fusion) at the Leyla Jouvana's Contest " Bellydancer of the World" in 2011 in Duisburg.
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