Danseuse et enseignante, Valérie Romanin se consacre au développement du Flamenco Descalzo® – flamenco aux pieds nus – , une danse fusion du flamenco et des danses orientales et tsiganes qu’elle a créée et qui met en lumière, de façon orginale, les racines maure et gitane de la danse flamenca. Sa méthode d’enseignement repose sur des exercices-jeux d’appréciation musicale et une alternance entre séquences chorégraphiées et moments d’improvisation libre ou guidée. Elle attache une grande importance au corps et accorde une grande place au travail collectif.

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Equally charmed by Flamenco and Belly dance, Valérie Romanin decided to integrate both, creating a new and original form of dance and chose to name it Flamenco Descalzo® – Barefoot Flamenco -. Flamenco Descalzo® aims to reveal the roots of Flamenco dance and puts a strong emphasis on its Moorish and Gypsy influences. Teaching, sharing knowledge and revealing abilities are Valérie’s favourite activities. She has designed practical exercises to improve coordination and effective games to develop the sense of rythm. Her knowledge in body disciplines, especially in yoga, is reflecting in her classes where students are continously invited to increase their body awareness. Based in Paris, she teaches all over Europe and enjoys working with the variety of people she encounters. Valérie is known for her compelling energy, the clarity of her teaching and the subtlety of her dance.

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Valérie Romanin