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Amira is one of the first professional oriental dancers of Hungary, performing and teaching for 15 years. She is well known internationally and had performed in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Alicante, Vienna, Cairo, Romania…She formed her group - Amira Art Company - in 1998. aiming to focus on the roots of this dance and wishing to embody the femininity in an artistic form. As a company, they take part in many national and international festivals. As an artist, Amira is always looking for new perspectives in order to give oriental dance its place among the contemporary arts.
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Originally from belgium, Hilde Cannoodt moved to UK to pursue her career as a dancer. Fusion dancer at heart, she has studied in many styles from Egyptian Dance to Tribal. Street Dance to Flamenco and is currently studying at Laban in London where her focus lies in Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Jazz. Hilde is Fat Chance Belly Dance certified (GS 2007) and received certificate of Achievement for the JWAAD teacher training foundation course. In 2007 she founded Masmoudi DC , combining tribal and fusion belly dance together with various other dance styles, from contemporary dance to street dance.
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Carovana Tribale is the first troupe teaching and performing American Tribal Style in Italy. Its work is completely based on ATS created by Carolena Nericcio and FatChance Belly dance from San Francisco (USA), but it is presented with the peculiar flavour of Mediterranean music, especially from Southern Italy traditions. Carovana Tribale's performances celebrate the joy of dancing together.
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Gwen Booth has been performing and teaching Egyptian bellydance and fusions for over a decade, teaching at UK, national, and international events. She is a trainer of bellydance teachers on the JWAAD Diploma and Foundation courses in the UK. She specializes in Egyptian and theatrical fusion bellydance, in which she incorporates balletic and theatrical elements and sometimes the fun of burlesque dance with arabic dance. She is known for her elegant and dramatic choreography and performance, and for her use of props including veils and feather fans.
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Gwenael LaSirène
Travelling the sea and the world since her childhood, Gwenaël explored many art forms before deciding to dedicate herself to dance. Firstly to Tribal Bellydance, the fluidity of which reminds her of her beloved sea, then to Indian dances such as Bollywood, Kalbelya, Kathak & Odissi, which have become a source of endless inspiration. Gwenaël divides her time between developing her own style, mixing all of her eclectic influences together, and working among the Urban Shamans Dance troupe.

American born and trained, Susan Frankovich is an International Fusion belly dance artist living in Zagreb, Croatia. She is known for her strong stage presence, dramatic pauses, fluid movements, and a teaching style which speaks to many.
Susan was always interested in communication through movement and body language. She acted and and danced her way through tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop also studied martial arts. While studying at college in Santa Fe, she discovered Belly dance and more particularly the American Tribal Style. During her three years spent in New York, Susan was a dancer in the original PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) branch and co-founded Alchemy Dance Theater with Sarah J. Locke. In 2005, she joined Bellyqueen and toured with them.
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Elisheva is an internationally acclaimed Tribal Fusion dancer from New York city, sought after for her signature fusion of aesthetics Belly Dance fused with trained classical dance, jazz forms, and hip hop's pop & lock. Her dedication to the art form has allowed her to tour around the globe, author published articles, teach at international festivals, and currently performing in NYC's Bellyqueen as dance captain. She is also a collaborator in the NYC collective production team "Venus Uprising", co-founder of fusion troupe "Uyum Dans" and director of "The Serpent's Secret" and "Raks Sheva".
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Lei TheNight is a fully trained dancer and has been mixing styles from an early age : modern jazz, contemporary dance, oriental dance, African dance, salsa, hip hop... Thanks to her teachers and the emerging leaders of Wacking in Europe, Japan and New York, she has developed her own style, Belly'Wacking which is rich, unique and explosive. She has a strong interest in blend dances, especially the so called " freestyle" she discovered through the atmosphere of clubs in Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Stockholm and Osaka.
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Francesca Pedretti is an Italian choreographer and soloist. She was the leader of Les Soeurs Tribales Company for several years. Originality and innovation are Francesca’s marks. She created various combinations for her company which turned out to be the first Italian tribal style company. Her work and contribution to the Tribal Belly Dance style has been spotted and recognized across Europe but also in the US. Francesca was invited by Paulette Rees-Denis (Gypsy Caravan) to teach and perform at the Tribal Quest North West, in Portland. Francesca has taken workshops and classes with and by many talented artists such as Ada Went, Jamila Zaki and Aziza Abdul Ridha, but also Carolina Nericcio (FCBD), Rachel Brice, Geneva Bybee, Darshan, Urban Tribal for tribal fusion style. In October 2009, Francesca created a new vocabulary of movements through “ De Nova Luce – emotional tribal belly dance “ which offers a mix of oriental modern dance, recent tribal fusion and spectacular improvisations. Their work focuses on emotions, imagination and interpretation. Choreographic sequences alternate with improvisations… and Emotions turn into forms and gestures.
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Born in France but living in Germany, Mihrimah Ghaziya remains an unclassifiable dancer. Her formation in classical and contemporary dance, as well as in different Rroma (Gypsy) and Asian dance forms give a very own soul to her creations, unique blend of Ancient and New, Tradition and Innovation.
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Mirjam was born in Zurich. After receiving ballet training in Zurich, she moved to Italy to study modern jazz dance and became a member of Kaleidodanse Company directed by Giovanna la Vecchia and Dario Greco. Back in Switzerland, she began to work Oriental dancing and was a member and soloist of Khaled Seif's Company for seven years, where she also developped her own solo choreographies. In the mean time, Mirjam started developing her own projects and began focusing exclusively on the fusion and cross-fertilization of Oriental dance and modern / contemporary dance. In a broad range of different types of professional performances (including dance theater), Mirjam has always been striving to build bridges between Oriental and Occidental worlds. This is clearly expressed in her movement vocabulary, the thematic focus of her work and her collaborations with other artists. These days, she successfully dances, choreographs and teaches this exciting fusion style both in Switzerland and abroad.
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Shir O Shakar is a well known component of the German Tribal scene. They are passionate about dance as an improvisation and love the use of Fusion styles such as Indian Fusion, Flamenco flavoured Fusion and Balkan Fusion.
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