Read more about the artists who took part in the first BellyFusions festival: Amira Nemeth, Anasma, Damage Control Dance Theater, Isabel de Lorenzo, Kimberly Mackoy, Linda Faoro, Nea's Tribal, Saada Tribal Group, Shakra, The Uzumé, Valérie Romanin, Vatra.

The show also featured in the first half the following guest artists: Geneva Bybee, Wicked Mystic, Urban Shamans, Gwen Booth, Erifily, Patricia Alvarez, Caroline Achouri & Sarah Avril, Elodie Chan, Julie - Anamaya, la Luna del Oriente.

Amira Nemeth
Amira is a Hungarian artist, innovative and enchanting. She also performs in plays or with musicians. She travels a lot to share her shows and her knowledge of fusion including Balkan and Hungarian Gypsy danses, turkish Karsilama, Egyptian Ghawazee, Andalousian and oriental dance.
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Anasma is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer who regularly performs in Europe and the United States. As a member of Bellyqueen, she works on a fusion between Middle Eastern Dances and Ballet, Flamenco, Popping and Locking, Hip-Hop, Modern Jazz, Chinese and Afro Haitian. Being herself half Tunisian and half Vietnamese, her message is universal: meeting and sharing.
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Caroline Achouri & Sarah Avril
An original duet wher traditional oriental dance and Kalbelya meet. Caroline Achouri and Sarah Avril play with style, mouvement and energy creating compositions.
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Damage Control Dance Theater
Based in San Francisco, they created Funk Fusion mixing Street Dances with Oriental Dance and folklore. The company includes professional dancers trained in ballet, tap, Modern Jazz, Flamenco, Salsa, Dunham and of course oriental dance.
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Elodie Chan
This young French artist (stage and street performances) finds inspiration in African Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop as well as Oriental Dance. Her style is strongly influenced by Amercan Tribal Style dancers.
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Erifily is a Greek Oriental dancer as well as a yoga teacher. She finds inspiration in several arts to create a n original and dynamic fusion : Tribal dance, Gypsy style and ballet.
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Gwen Booth
Gwen Booth brings a theatruical approach to her oriental dance offering fusions between modern and classical styles. She is elegant and versatile and also combines Burlesque which is particularly developed in the UK.
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Isabel de Lorenzo
Isabel is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer in tribal and oriental style. Isabel's work is influenced by gypsy, classical and contemporary styles. Co-director of the Carovane Tribale company she has also founded the San Lo dance studio which promotes events and multicultural dances.
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Julie (Anamaya)
Based in Marseille, this young dancer is keen on mixing styles within her strong Egyptian Dance in order to open it to new ways of choreography.
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Kimberly Mackoy
Kimberley Mackoy has trained with Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Frédérique David, Carolena Nericcio and Suhaila Salimpour. Her approach in Tribal Fusion mixes fluidity with high energy, traditional and modern styles. Her varied influences bring a refreshing aspect in her creations.
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La Luna del Oriente
This young company gets inspiration from Middle Eastern folklore and tries to widen their horizon by mixing different styles of Dance : moder jazz, contemporary, hip hop, flamenco, egyptian dance...
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Linda Faoro
Linda Faoro is a dancer and choreographer whose work oscillates between grace and power. Her background in Jazz New School and Oriental dance enabled her to create an Oriental Jazz Fusion with which she can explore new choreographic territorries.
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Nea's Tribal
Gabriella has been dancing for more than 20 years making her a pioneer in Germany. She created the N company with 8 dancers who are now developping fusion with Tribal, Oriental and Medieval styles. Improvisation being the key word in ATS, it allows them to create their own combinations.
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Patricia Alvarez
From Spain, Patricia Alvarez offers an elegant, harmonious and expressive dance linked to tradition. She explores the origins of oriental dance confronting them to the power of Flamenco and the energy of Gypsy Dance.
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Saada Tribal Group
Saada Tribal Group is the first Tribal Dance company created in Spain with 8 dancers, musicians and a professional singer. Tribal Style is mixed with the power and dynamism of the founder Kerensa De Mars. This company is unique with their ritual dances, their use of weapons and their fusions with other oriental techniques.
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Shakra company is the reflection of N, H and B who have been trained in western as well as world dances. They use different moves and concepts to modulate and combine them in choreographies which tell stories inspired by oriental as well as gothic music.
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The Uzumé
This company was created in the Netherlands by 4 dancers who explore rhythm and bewitch their audience with choreographies based on traditional and electronic music. Their tribal fusion style is unique and reflects their feminity and grace.
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Urban Shamans
Urban Shamans: a Tribe looking for their roots, a burried knowledge, as if tatooed in the collective memory. Lead by Julie de Saint Blanquat, they experiment oriental dances fusions as a necessary break from the anciant codes and their bewitching repetitions. A marginal aesthetic.
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Valérie Romanin
Valérie Romanin created a fusion combining Flamenco and oriental dances which she called Flamenco Descalzo - Barefoot Flamenco - going back to the roots of Flamenco, Moorish as well as Gypsy. Based in London, she regularly travels to teach in France and Argentina.
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Vatra is a multi talented French performing company: from juggling to stilt walking, from dance to magic, they combine different atmosphere: medieval, oriental, nomadic, steampunf, cyberpunk and freaky performer. They've toured all around the world and invite you to discover their world.
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Wicked Mystic
Wicked Mystic Company offers a fusion between Gothic Oriental style, Fire Dance and Tribal Fusion from darkness to fantasy, bringing their own aesthetic far from what we usually see.
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